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Breaking down the PTE academic exam: section by section

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic exam is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates English language proficiency for academic and professional purposes. To excel in the exam, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of each section and its unique requirements. In this blog, we will break down the PTE Academic exam section by section, providing you with valuable insights and tips to succeed in each one.


The speaking section evaluates your ability to communicate effectively in English.

Describe Image:

In this task, you will be shown an image, graph, or diagram and asked to describe it within a given time limit. Focus on providing a clear and concise description, covering important details and key trends.

Read Aloud:

You will be presented with a text on the screen and asked to read it aloud. Pay attention to pronunciation, intonation, and fluency while maintaining clarity and coherence.


The writing section assesses your ability to write coherent and well-structured responses.

Summarize Written Text:

You will read a passage and summarize it in one sentence. Focus on identifying the main idea and key supporting points. Use clear and concise language to convey the essence of the passage.

Essay Writing:

In this task, you will be given a prompt and asked to write an essay expressing your opinion or analyzing a given topic. Plan your essay, develop a clear thesis statement, support your ideas with relevant examples, and maintain a logical flow of thoughts.


The reading section evaluates your ability to comprehend written English.

Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer:

You will read a passage and choose the most appropriate answer from the given options. Skim through the passage, identify the main idea, and pay attention to specific details to select the correct answer.

Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers:

Similar to the previous task, but you may need to choose more than one correct answer. Carefully read the passage and select all the options that are supported by the text.


The listening section tests your ability to understand spoken English.

Summarize Spoken Text:

You will listen to an audio recording and summarize it in writing. Focus on the main points, key details, and the speaker's purpose or opinion.

Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers:

You will listen to an audio recording and choose the correct answers from the options provided. Pay close attention to the details and key information mentioned in the recording.

Fill in the Blanks:

You will listen to an audio recording with gaps, and you need to fill in the missing words. Focus on the context, grammar, and vocabulary clues to select the appropriate words.


By breaking down the PTE Academic exam section by section, we have provided you with a comprehensive understanding of each component. Remember to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and develop targeted strategies for each section. Regular practice, attention to detail, and effective time management will contribute to your success in the PTE exam. With dedication and preparation, you can confidently navigate through each section and achieve your desired score.