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Demystifying the PTE speaking section: tasks and tips

The speaking section of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) exam can be both challenging and crucial for achieving a high overall score. It assesses your ability to communicate effectively in spoken English, demonstrating your fluency, pronunciation, and grammatical accuracy. In this blog, we will demystify the PTE speaking section by exploring its tasks, providing valuable tips, and offering strategies to help you excel in this part of the exam.

Overview of the PTE Speaking Section

Read Aloud:

In this task, you are presented with a short written text, and you have to read it aloud. Focus on clear pronunciation, appropriate stress, and intonation to convey the meaning effectively.

Repeat Sentence:

You will hear a sentence, and your task is to repeat it exactly as you heard it. Pay attention to intonation, rhythm, and pronunciation to reproduce the sentence accurately.

Describe Image:

An image will be displayed on the screen, and you need to describe it in detail within a given time frame. Organize your response logically, use descriptive vocabulary, and provide a structured analysis of the image.

Retell Lecture:

You will listen to an academic lecture or a part of it, and then you need to retell the key points in your own words. Focus on understanding the main ideas, supporting details, and the overall structure of the lecture.

Answer Short Questions:

You will hear a short question, and you need to provide a brief and concise answer. Pay attention to the question word, respond directly, and avoid unnecessary elaboration.

Tips to Excel in the PTE Speaking Section

Practice Regularly:

Regular practice is essential to improve your speaking skills. Engage in speaking activities, practice sample questions, and simulate the test environment to build confidence and familiarity.

Improve Pronunciation:

Work on improving your pronunciation by listening to native speakers, mimicking their intonation and stress patterns, and practicing difficult sounds. Use online resources or seek guidance from a language tutor if needed.

Focus on Fluency and Coherence:

Develop your fluency by speaking confidently and maintaining a steady pace. Pay attention to coherence by organizing your thoughts logically and using cohesive devices to connect your ideas.

Expand Vocabulary:

Enhance your vocabulary by actively learning new words and phrases. Read extensively, use vocabulary-building apps, and practice incorporating new vocabulary into your spoken responses.

Use Varied Sentence Structures:

Demonstrate your grammatical accuracy and language proficiency by using a range of sentence structures. Experiment with complex sentences, conditional sentences, and relative clauses to showcase your language skills.

Time Management:

Manage your time effectively in each speaking task. Pace yourself to ensure you complete the tasks within the given time limits while leaving some time for reviewing and editing your responses.

Test-Day Strategies

Stay Calm and Confident:

Maintain a calm and confident mindset throughout the speaking section. Take deep breaths, focus on the task at hand, and trust in your preparation.

Listen Carefully:

Listen attentively to the instructions and the audio prompts provided in each task. Understanding the task requirements and any specific instructions is crucial for delivering an appropriate response.

Use Pauses:

Utilize pauses strategically during your speaking responses. Pauses can help you gather your thoughts, emphasize important points, and add clarity to your speech.

Review and Edit:

Leave some time at the end of each task to review your responses. Check for any errors, correct pronunciation, and ensure your answers address the task requirements comprehensively.


The PTE speaking section may seem daunting, but with the right approach and practice, you can conquer it. Familiarize yourself with the tasks, implement effective strategies, and focus on improving your pronunciation, fluency, and coherence. By consistently practicing and honing your speaking skills, you can confidently showcase your English language proficiency and achieve success in the PTE speaking section.