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PTE listening: tips for answering multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

The PTE Listening section presents various question types to assess your listening skills, including the multiple-choice, choose multiple answers task. In this task, you are required to listen to an audio recording and select more than one correct response from a set of options. This blog post aims to provide you with effective strategies and tips to tackle multiple-choice, choose multiple answers questions in the PTE Listening section with confidence and accuracy.

Familiarize Yourself with the Instructions:

Before starting the task, carefully read the instructions to understand the requirements. Note how many correct options you need to select and whether there is a specific number of correct answers mentioned.

Skim the Options:

Quickly skim through the options before listening to the audio recording. This will give you a general idea of the possible answers and help you focus on relevant information while listening.

Listen Actively and Take Notes:

As the audio recording plays, listen attentively and take concise notes. Jot down keywords or phrases related to each option. This will assist you in remembering the relevant information and comparing it to the options later.

Identify Key Information:

Pay close attention to specific details, facts, numbers, names, or other important information mentioned in the recording. These details are likely to be associated with the correct options.

Analyze Differences and Similarities:

Listen for differences and similarities among the options. Sometimes, the recording may present contrasting or similar information for different options. Use these clues to identify the correct responses.

Use Process of Elimination:

If you are unsure about a particular option, use the process of elimination. Cross out the options that you believe are incorrect based on the information you heard. This narrows down your choices and increases the probability of selecting the correct answers.

Be Cautious of Negative Wording:

Pay attention to negative wording in both the options and the audio recording. Sometimes, the recording may mention something that contradicts a particular option. Stay alert and consider the context to accurately identify the correct responses.

Review Your Answers:

After listening to the audio recording, review your selected answers. Make sure you have chosen the required number of correct options and that your choices align with the information provided in the recording. Use the remaining time to double-check your responses and make any necessary adjustments.


The multiple-choice, choose multiple answers task in the PTE Listening section requires focused listening skills and strategic thinking. By familiarizing yourself with the instructions, skimming the options, actively listening and taking notes, identifying key information, analyzing differences and similarities, using the process of elimination, and being cautious of negative wording, you can effectively approach this task. Regular practice with sample questions and recordings will improve your ability to identify the correct responses accurately. With a combination of attentive listening, critical thinking, and strategic decision-making, you can excel in the multiple-choice, choose multiple answers task of the PTE Listening section and achieve a high score.