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PTE listening: tips for answering write from dictation

The Write from Dictation task in the PTE Listening section requires you to listen carefully to a short audio clip and transcribe what you hear. This task measures your listening skills, spelling accuracy, and ability to capture information accurately. To perform well in this task, it's crucial to develop effective strategies and practice regularly. In this blog post, we will provide you with valuable tips and techniques to improve your performance in the Write from Dictation task of the PTE Listening section.

Sharpen Your Listening Skills:

Listening skills form the foundation for success in the Write from Dictation task. Practice active listening by immersing yourself in English audio materials such as podcasts, lectures, and conversations. Focus on understanding different accents, note-taking, and identifying key details in spoken language.

Familiarize Yourself with Common Vocabulary and Phrases:

Expand your vocabulary and become familiar with commonly used phrases, expressions, and idioms. This will help you recognize and understand the words spoken in the dictation more easily. Regular exposure to English language materials will enhance your ability to comprehend the content accurately.

Pay Attention to Context:

Listen carefully to the context of the audio clip. Often, the context provides clues about the topic, the speaker's purpose, and the overall message. Understanding the context helps you anticipate the words or phrases that are likely to be dictated and improves your chances of accurately transcribing the information.

Note-Taking Techniques:

Develop effective note-taking techniques to capture the information efficiently. Use abbreviations, symbols, and short phrases to jot down the essential details while listening to the audio clip. Focus on capturing key words, important dates, numbers, and any other specific details that are likely to be included in the dictation.

Pay Attention to Word Endings and Sentence Structure:

Listen carefully to the endings of words and the structure of the sentences in the dictation. Paying attention to the grammar and sentence construction will help you accurately transcribe the spoken words. Take note of verb forms, noun endings, plurals, and any other grammatical cues that can guide your transcription.

Practice Dictation Exercises:

Regularly practice dictation exercises to improve your transcription skills. Start with shorter recordings and gradually increase the length and complexity of the audio clips. Focus on accuracy and speed while transcribing the dictation. You can find practice materials online or use official PTE preparation resources to hone your skills.

Review and Proofread:

Once you have transcribed the dictation, take a few moments to review and proofread your response. Check for spelling errors, punctuation, and any missing words or phrases. Ensure that your transcription accurately reflects what you heard in the audio clip.


The Write from Dictation task in the PTE Listening section requires focused listening, concentration, and accurate transcription. By sharpening your listening skills, familiarizing yourself with common vocabulary and phrases, paying attention to context, using effective note-taking techniques, focusing on word endings and sentence structure, and practicing regularly, you can improve your performance in this task. Remember to review and proofread your responses to ensure accuracy. With consistent practice and application of these tips, you can confidently tackle the Write from Dictation task and achieve a higher score in the PTE Listening section.