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PTE reading: effective strategies for matching information questions

Matching Information questions in the PTE Reading section require test-takers to connect information provided in the text with corresponding options given. These questions assess your ability to comprehend and locate specific details within a passage. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies to tackle Matching Information questions in the PTE Reading test.

Read the Instructions Carefully:

Before diving into the passage, carefully read the instructions for the Matching Information questions. Understand the task requirements, such as whether you need to match headings, paragraphs, or specific information. This will help you approach the questions with clarity and focus.

Skim the Passage:

Start by skimming the passage to get a general understanding of the topic and the main ideas. Pay attention to subheadings, topic sentences, and keywords that can guide you in locating relevant information later on. Skimming the passage initially helps you familiarize yourself with the content and structure, which can save time when answering the questions.

Analyze the Options:

Next, examine the given options for matching. Read each option carefully and try to understand its meaning and context. Look for keywords or phrases that may align with the information in the passage. It's important to have a clear understanding of the options before attempting to match them with the passage.

Scan for Keywords:

Once you have an understanding of the options, go back to the passage and scan for keywords or phrases that are related to the given options. These keywords act as signposts, helping you locate the relevant information quickly. Pay attention to synonyms or paraphrases of the keywords, as the passage may use different terminology.

Identify Supporting Details:

Matching Information questions often require you to match specific details mentioned in the passage. Look for supporting details, examples, statistics, or specific facts that correspond to the options. Highlight or underline these details to make it easier to connect them with the given options later.

Use the Process of Elimination:

If you're unsure about a particular option, use the process of elimination. Cross out the options that clearly do not match any information in the passage. This will narrow down your choices and increase your chances of selecting the correct answer. Remember, you can often eliminate options by identifying contradictory or irrelevant information.

Check for Contextual Clues:

Pay attention to contextual clues within the passage that may help you make accurate matches. Look for connecting phrases, transition words, or reference words that indicate the relationship between the information in the passage and the given options. These clues can provide valuable hints for matching the correct information.

Review and Verify:

Once you have made your matches, take a moment to review your selections. Double-check that each option is correctly linked to the corresponding information in the passage. Ensure that the matches make logical sense and are supported by the context. Use any remaining time to re-read and verify your answers.


Mastering Matching Information questions in the PTE Reading section requires a combination of effective reading strategies and careful attention to detail. By reading the instructions carefully, skimming the passage, analyzing the options, scanning for keywords, identifying supporting details, using the process of elimination, checking for contextual clues, and reviewing your answers, you can approach these questions with confidence and improve your overall performance in the PTE Reading test. Practice these strategies regularly to enhance your ability to match information accurately and efficiently.