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PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks: Tips that Help you score high

Most of the candidates struggle to crack the PTE exam. But following certain tips and tricks can help them score good marks in the PTE exam. Here, we are to help you regarding PTE exam preparation. In the PTE exam one such section "PTE reading Fill in Blanks" is where most candidates find it a little difficult.

Candidates are suggested to attempt the free mock tests. This shall help in understanding the whole pattern of the PTE exam. Plus, help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Most candidates take the PTE tutorial for scoring good marks. There is the availability of the PTE practice software too for students planning to give this exam.

The question pattern is such that there shall be a passage of approximately 80 words in which there shall be certain missing words. There shall be around four to five such questions. Eventually, the reading up of the passage does help the candidates to fill in the blanks.

Below are the prominent tips that could help you to score high numbers in PTE reading fill in blanks:

  • Make sure to invest just only 2 minutes; - practice enough that you don't need to spend more than 2 minutes on this. Develop the habit of reading the passage in the minimum time frame. Here, the passage is short hence it becomes easy to skim through the whole passage. You shall get a brief idea of words, and context. Thus, investing less in reading passages is the key.
  • Knowledge of technicalities; - PTE is a computer-based exam thus knowledge of the technical part is mandatory. Make sure that you drop the right word in the blank. Post-filling the blanks check again if the blanks have been filled or not. Make sure that no blanks are left out. In case you want to change the answer then do it before clicking on the next button.
  • Proficiency in grammar: - your knowledge of grammar can only help you to crack this reading fill-in-blanks section. Knowing about the adjective, adverb, noun, and verb prepositions is necessary. Many times the right answer can be cracked upon only if you know about tenses and collocation of words.
  • Focusing on the vocabulary: - the English passage can involve subjects from academics to literature topics. Hence, not knowing any specific words can deprive you of scoring high numbers. Hence, focus on developing the habit of reading academic articles. Even possessing a mini dictionary and reading it on a regular basis is beneficial.
  • Familiar with the Collocation of words: - to score the highest number in PTE reading fill in the blanks knowing the collocation of words is necessary. Collocation is a "predictable combination of words". They are made of words such as verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives.
  • Eliminating words: - the strategy is to guess the right word that seems to be correct. This strategy shall help when you don't know the correct answer. Make sure to eliminate the ones that are not close to the right answer.
  • Selection of the right word that has approx. same meaning: - many times you come across two words that have the same meaning. So, no need to be confused and use the grammar strategy for it. Look out for the prepositions, and nouns with the blank. Secondly, focus on the context and choose the word that is more relevant to the context.


Above are the most prominent methods of cracking this section of the PTE exam. Polishing your skills of skimming the passage is necessary. The other most vital thing is to develop a good vocabulary.

Candidates are often given advice to read newspapers on regular articles. This shall improve both the grammar and vocabulary of the candidate. Doing the exam preparation in such a manner can lead to scoring high numbers.