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PTE speaking: strategies for responding to reorder paragraphs

The Reorder Paragraphs task in the PTE Speaking section requires you to arrange a set of jumbled sentences into a logical and coherent paragraph. This task assesses your ability to understand the structure and organization of a passage. To excel in this task, it's important to develop effective strategies and practice regularly. In this blog post, we will provide you with valuable tips and techniques to enhance your performance in the Reorder Paragraphs task of the PTE Speaking section.

Read the Sentences Carefully:

Begin by reading each sentence carefully and understanding its meaning. Pay attention to the topic sentence, supporting ideas, and transitional phrases that connect the sentences. Understanding the content of each sentence will help you identify the logical flow and cohesion within the paragraph.

Identify the Main Idea:

Identify the main idea or topic of the paragraph. This will guide you in determining the appropriate order of the sentences. The main idea often appears in the topic sentence or in sentences that introduce the central theme of the paragraph.

Look for Transition Words:

Transition words and phrases play a crucial role in signaling the relationship between sentences. Look for transitional words like "however," "therefore," "in addition," "on the other hand," and similar connectors that indicate the logical progression of ideas. These words can provide valuable clues about the correct sequence of sentences.

Identify Supporting Details:

Pay attention to supporting details, examples, and evidence presented in the sentences. Sentences that provide specific examples or support the main idea are likely to be placed after the sentence they are supporting. Look for contextual cues and information that help establish a coherent flow of information within the paragraph.

Consider Sentence Structure and Grammar:

Consider the structure of the sentences and their grammatical components. Pay attention to subject-verb agreement, verb tense consistency, and the use of pronouns. Sentences that reference or build upon a previous sentence are likely to come after the referenced sentence. Analyzing the grammar and sentence structure will help you determine the appropriate order.

Use Logical Reasoning:

Apply logical reasoning to arrange the sentences in a coherent and logical manner. Consider the cause-effect relationships, chronological order, and the overall flow of ideas. Think about how the sentences connect and build upon each other to create a meaningful and cohesive paragraph.

Practice with Sample Questions:

Regularly practice with sample questions to familiarize yourself with the task format and improve your skills. Work on a variety of Reorder Paragraphs exercises to expose yourself to different topics and writing styles. Analyze the correct order of the sentences in the model answers and compare them with your own arrangement to understand the underlying logic.


The Reorder Paragraphs task in the PTE Speaking section requires careful analysis, logical reasoning, and a good understanding of sentence structure and organization. By reading the sentences carefully, identifying the main idea, paying attention to transition words, considering supporting details, analyzing sentence structure and grammar, and using logical reasoning, you can effectively respond to Reorder Paragraphs tasks. Regular practice and exposure to a variety of sample questions will further enhance your skills. With consistent effort and application of these strategies, you can confidently tackle the Reorder Paragraphs task and achieve a higher score in the PTE Speaking section.