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PTE Tips for Repeat Sentence Task, rs task

PTE - Tips for Repeat Sentence (rs) Task

Mastering the Repeat Sentence Task in language proficiency exams like the PTE requires a blend of sharp listening skills and precise verbal recall. Here are some unique tips to help you excel:

Examination PTE Academic Examination
Test Section Speaking
Task Repeat Sentence (rs)
Question in mock 10 to 12 sentences


  1. About Repeat Sentence
  2. 10 Tips for Repeat Sentence Task
    1. Recall as much as you can
    2. Don;t fumble
    3. Don't take pauses
    4. Filler sentences
    5. Focus on meaning
    6. Speak naturally
    7. Stress on Transitional Words
    8. Practice with Noise
    9. Record and Review
    10. Confidence is Key
  3. FAQs

About Repeat Sentence

The Repeat Sentence, a pivotal component of many language proficiency exams like the PTE, tests both your auditory processing and spoken English skills. In this task, you listen to a sentence, typically an excerpt from a lecture or conversation, and then reproduce it verbally as accurately as possible. This exercise evaluates your ability to comprehend, retain, and articulate spoken English in a clear, coherent manner. It challenges your short-term memory while also gauging your pronunciation, fluency, and intonation. Excelling in this task not only boosts your exam score but also reflects your proficiency in understanding and reproducing English in everyday scenarios

10 Tips for Repeat Sentence Task

  • Recall as much as you can
  • Don't fumble
  • Don't take pauses
  • Filler sentences
  • Focus on meaning
  • Speak naturally
  • Stress on Transitional Words
  • Practice with Noise
  • Record and Review
  • Confidence is Key

Recall as much as you can:

at first try your best to recall the words you listen to, you can omit some difficult words but continue to complete the sentence.

Don't fumble:

Don't fumble just speak at normal speed and just speak the simple words you can memorize.

Don't take pauses:

Avoid long pauses, hesitations, or filler words like “umm” and “err,” as they can negatively impact your oral fluency score. Whatever you memorize, just speak that only.

Filler sentences:

you need to cover at least 80% content to get the almost full marks in contents but in case you don't recall the sentence at somewhere in the end just to cover the fluency you can add any sentence with good oral fluency at the end of the speech. like, "its a good day"

Focus on meaning:

Understand the meaning of the sentence rather than just memorizing individual words.

Speak naturally:

Don’t try to imitate the speaker’s accent; use your natural pronunciation and intonation.

Stress on Transitional Words

Words like 'however', 'therefore', and 'moreover' often signify key parts of the sentence. Pay extra attention to these.

Practice with Noise:

Try practicing in environments with background noise. This can simulate the test environment and improve your concentration.

Record and Review:

Record your repetitions and compare them with the original. This self-review can highlight areas needing improvement.

Confidence is Key:

Even if you miss a part of the sentence, continue confidently without hesitation. Self-assurance often mitigates minor errors.

Speaking naturally fuels your confidence, and you can easily understand the computerized scoring system.

FAQs for Repeat Sentence in PTE

  1. What is the Repeat Sentence task in the PTE exam?
  2. In the PTE Repeat Sentence task, you listen to a sentence and then repeat it verbatim. This task evaluates your listening and speaking skills simultaneously.
  3. How many sentences are typically in a PTE Repeat Sentence task?
  4. The number can vary, but generally, you can expect around 10-12 sentences in this section of the PTE exam.
  5. How long after listening do I have to repeat the sentence?
  6. You have a short pause after listening, usually just a few seconds, to start repeating the sentence.
  7. Is it necessary to repeat the sentence word for word?
  8. Yes, the goal is to repeat the sentence exactly as you heard it to score the maximum points.
  9. How are points awarded in the Repeat Sentence task?
  10. Points are awarded for accurate replication of the sentence, including correct words and their sequence.