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PTE writing: using linking words and phrases effectively

The Writing section of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) assesses your ability to convey information and ideas in written English. One key aspect of writing effectively is using linking words and phrases to create coherence and connectivity within your text. In this blog, we will explore the importance of linking words and phrases in PTE Writing and provide valuable tips on how to use them effectively to enhance your writing.

Establish Logical Connections:

Linking words and phrases help establish logical connections between sentences, paragraphs, and ideas in your writing. They guide the reader through your text, making it easier to follow your thought process and understand the relationships between different pieces of information.

Use Linking Words for Different Purposes:

Linking words and phrases serve various purposes in your writing. Some examples include:

Adding Information:

Use words like "furthermore," "in addition," and "moreover" to introduce additional supporting points or examples.

Contrasting Ideas:

Words such as "however," "on the other hand," and "nevertheless" help to present opposing viewpoints or contrast ideas.


Employ words like "firstly," "secondly," "finally," or phrases such as "in the first place," "next," and "lastly" to indicate a sequence of events or steps.

Cause and Effect:

Use phrases like "as a result," "consequently," and "therefore" to show cause and effect relationships between different ideas.

Providing Examples:

Words such as "for example," "for instance," and "specifically" are useful for introducing illustrative examples or evidence to support your arguments.


Phrases like "in conclusion," "to sum up," and "overall" help to summarize your main points or provide a concise conclusion.

Choose Appropriate Linking Words:

Selecting the right linking words or phrases is essential for conveying your intended meaning accurately. Consider the context and purpose of your writing, and choose linking words that best fit the logical relationship you want to express. Be mindful of the tone and formality of your writing, as different linking words may be more suitable for academic or informal writing.

Vary Your Linking Words:

To make your writing more engaging and to demonstrate a range of language skills, vary your use of linking words and phrases. Avoid repetitive use of the same connectors throughout your text. Instead, employ a diverse range of linking words to convey different relationships and enhance the overall flow and coherence of your writing.

Practice Linking Words in Context:

To become proficient in using linking words and phrases, practice incorporating them into your writing in various contexts. Write essays or paragraphs where you focus specifically on utilizing linking words effectively. Pay attention to how they connect your ideas and improve the overall clarity and cohesion of your writing.

Review Examples and Model Essays:

Reviewing examples and model essays can provide you with a better understanding of how to use linking words and phrases effectively. Analyze how professional writers incorporate these connectors to enhance the structure and coherence of their writing. Take note of the different types of relationships they convey and how they contribute to the overall flow of the text.

Proofread and Edit:

After completing your writing, take the time to proofread and edit your work. Check if your linking words and phrases are used correctly and in the appropriate context. Ensure they create a smooth and logical progression of ideas throughout your text. Edit any instances where the use of linking words could be improved or replaced for better clarity.


Linking words and phrases play a crucial role in creating coherence, logical connections, and overall clarity in your PTE Writing. By understanding their purpose, selecting appropriate connectors, varying their use, and practicing in context, you can effectively enhance the structure and coherence of your writing. Use linking words and phrases strategically to guide the reader through your text and demonstrate your ability to organize and connect ideas effectively.