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Successful ways to improve your PTE Listening skills

Aspirants who seek dreams to study in an English speaking country have to pass the PTE exam. It is one of the most preferred English language proficiency tests. This exam is being accepted for study applications by thousands of academic programs worldwide.

The PTE exam is being approved by Australian and New Zealand Governments for all student visa and migration applications. The term PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It comprises four sections- Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

This exam becomes a little tough for candidates whose native language is not English. Being a fully computer-based exam technical knowledge is also important for the candidate. The PTE exam is dependent on the candidate's English competency.

Aspirants need to excel in all sections of PTE for scoring high numbers. Though for most candidates "listening section" is considered a little difficult. Academics recommend opting for online PTE coaching for scoring well.

In the PTE Listening exam, your all reading and listening are simultaneously examined. The candidate gets approximately 7 to 10 seconds for reading before the audio plays. Hence, candidates need to respond quickly as soon as the audio starts to play.

Follow the below tips to excel in the listening section in the PTE exam

  • Remaining active: - the candidate remains to be active to score well in the PTE listening section. This could only happen when a candidate is active even in noisy surroundings and keeps their ears open. Make sure to go for PTE practice software for excelling in exams. You could even practice by watching English movies without subtitles too. This shall increase your ability to focus. Even regular practicing of the audio lessons is immensely important. While making notes out of the audio or video.
  • Digital Notes do help: - do attempt lots of free mock tests or take the help of a PTE tutorial for scoring well. You must be known that your listening skills are eventually integrated with your writing skills also. Enough practice is required as you get a limited period.
  • Keeping gaps between answers: - time management is the most crucial thing in the listening section of the PTE exam. Make sure to pause for a few seconds and post every answer in case you want to make any sort of change to it. Doing so would help the candidate revise the answers and make rectifications. This will surely make a positive impact on PTE results.
  • Requires attention: - paying your full attention while listening to the audio is immensely important. Make notes of the audio you hear which should mention the pronouns and nouns. At times they are considered negligible but important aspects of the language. The PTE study is immensely important for this.

Take the help of PTE Practice to score well in the Listening section

With the help of PTE tools and several above PTE tips, you would surely crack the PTE exam. Appearing for multiple free mock tests surely gives immense confidence to the candidate. Just remaining active while listening to the audio is necessary.