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Tips and Tricks for PTE Describe the Image

In this section of the PTE exam, the candidate's ability to describe an image is tested. The candidate is shown an image and asked to describe it in the minimum time frame. You shall be given 25 seconds to look at an image and then describe it under 40 seconds. Here, the candidate is tested on the criteria of content, pronunciation, and oral fluency.

The image could be a graph, table, map, or any sort of image. There will maximum of six to seven such questions in the whole test. Eventually, PTE describes images as of easy level and the probability of scoring high numbers in these sections is much high. Knowledge of a native English accent is not required for the candidate.

Hence, a PTE study is required extensively to crack this section. It contributes solely to your speaking score which includes the content, pronunciation, and oral fluency. Being a high-level English proficiency test requires immense hard work. Attempt the free mock test regularly.

Know the below 3 characteristics of images:

  • Resolution
  • Scale
  • Tone

While attempting the PTE describe the image you shall come across below types of images: -

  • Bar graph
  • Line graph
  • Table
  • Maps
  • Pie Chart
  • Flowchart Diagram
  • Venn Diagram
  • Pictures

When the picture is being displayed before the candidate, they should follow the below points: -

  • Immediately make a summary of the whole picture
  • Tell about the happenings in the picture being displayed
  • Talk about the details
  • Speculation of the happenings in the picture is necessary
  • Getting the real context of the picture is vital
  • Below is the list of tips and tricks for PTE describing the image
  • Avoid speaking "umming" and "erring" while describing the image. There should be no sort of interruption in your oral fluency. Any sort of disruption in speaking fluency could impact the overall marks.
  • Refrain from making any sort of grammatical mistakes in the formation of the sentence.
  • The usage of PTE practice software is immensely helpful. Practice in the following manner
  • Give 10 seconds for the introduction
  • Secure the 20 seconds for highlighting the major points
  • Subside 6 seconds for the conclusion part
  • The candidate must stop speaking post 36 seconds. You should not speak for the full 40 seconds. If you do so then chances are quite high that you might miss out on the conclusion part. As a result, scoring fewer marks is quite the norm.
  • Post-completion of the introduction part moves on to the highlighting part of the graph. Explain the changing trends and constant factors all within 20 seconds.
  • Make sure not to be confused while speaking. Try to be fluent in speaking and pronunciation must be right.
  • Being mentally present is vital to speak your idea in a prompt manner
  • Usage of trends and words for emphasizing the image is necessary
  • Avoid repetition of the same kind of words while describing the image. Refrain from using the percentage of the words like a quarter, hale, and nearly double.
  • Knowledge of different kinds of images is vital for securing high scores.
  • Statistical vocabulary helps the candidate professionally describe the image. Focus on words that have a relation with the charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, etc.
  • Make sure to answer in a structured manner.
  • Avoid being in hurry and make a steady pace regarding the voice modulations.
  • Don't use the flat tone


This part of the PTE exam is tricky yet scoring high numbers is much easy with little effort. Ensure to go for the PTE tutorial for achieving success. Academic experts the candidates practice enough for the PTE exam preparation. Enough of the free mock test help gain high scores in PTE describing images.