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PTE Listening: 5 Tips for Highlight Incorrect Words Easily

The PTE Listening test is where the candidate has to highlight the incorrect words from the transcript. There shall be around two to three questions in PTE. The candidate shall be given 10 seconds before the audio starts whereas the long recordings shall be approximately 30 to 90 seconds long.

The PTE passing score range from 10 to 90 though there is no such passing PTE score. So, if you are scoring anywhere between 65 to 75 will be considered a good score. This category of number shall be eligible for getting admission in top rate universities.

This section of PTE is of negative marks. Thus, it's advisable to attempt such questions smartly. As soon as the audio ends answer these questions in the minimum time frame.

Academic experts do stresses the PTE tutorial for securing high numbers. The availability of PTE practice software is the best option for good PTE results. PTE exam preparation does help the candidates secure good marks. Eventually paving the way to the rate universities.

Below are the prominent tips for highlighting the incorrect words

Be ready with the cursor : - make sure to be prepared in advance. Your cursor must be in the right position as soon as the audio starts. It's advisable to take the free mock test for gaining this speedy attempt. The candidate must keep the mouse handy by placing their hand on it as soon as the audio starts. Don't pause for very long because this will make the candidate miss out on the audio.

No sheer wastage on a single word : - in case you have missed out on any single word then don't waste time on that particular word. Move forward to the next word. Remaining stuck to a single word is not productive. You could lose marks if you stop at a single word.

Refrain from clicking on random words : - this section of PTE holds negative markings. Hence, the selection of random words is not advisable. The selection of wrong words can be responsible for negative marking.

Remaining confidence is key : - highlight the words only you are confident about. Just don't click instantly. Instead, wait for the audio to get over. Pausing for a while and thinking about the right answer is necessary. Avoid going on a random clicking spree.

Regular practice is required : - this section of PTE requires the candidate's immense attention. This could be achieved only through regular practice. Most of the time PTE test centers are subject to loud voices making concentration a bit difficult. Thus, regular practice in advance is vital.

Avoid taking notes : - this is a listening test hence taking notes for reference is not fruitful at all. Just fully concentrate on listening to the audio and give answers accordingly.

Logical answers are savior : - at times you could be unfamiliar with a particular word. In such a situation do select the nearest option that suits you best.

A robust vocabulary is required : - posseting a good knowledge of vocabulary improves all areas of communication – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Thus, making a huge difference in PTE results.