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Tips for Respond to a Situation Task, PTE Core

Tips for Respond to a Situation Task in PTE Core

About Respond to a Situation Task in PTE Core

For this task, you'll hear and read a story about a common situation. Then, you'll speak about what you'd say in that situation. You'll have 20 seconds to think, followed by 40 seconds to speak. The audio will start automatically after the thinking time. The microphone opens after a countdown, and you'll hear a tone. Speak clearly but not too fast. Finish before the time ends. Remember, you can only listen to the audio once and record your response once. You can also take notes on the provided whiteboard while listening.

Examination PTE Core Examination
Test Section Speaking
Task Respond to a situation
Time to Answer 40 seconds
Prompt Length Text up to 60 words
Skills Assessed Listening and speaking

Pro Tip:

Utilize the preparation time effectively by carefully reviewing the prompt. In the 20 seconds provided, assess the main points to convey and determine whether a formal or informal tone is appropriate. During the 40-second speaking period, ensure you cover all required aspects of the prompt. Aim to speak continuously for the entire duration to maximize your score potential. Avoid repeating ideas, correcting yourself, or hesitating, as this consumes time and may result in point deductions. Keep speaking confidently and overlook any minor errors.

For example:

You saw on a sign in your apartment building that a neighbor, Fred, is selling his car. The car is perfect for you. So, you call Fred to ask about seeing the car in person, but he doesn't answer. Leave a message. What would you say in the message?

Example response:

"Hi Fred, it's [Your Name] from [Your Apartment Number]. I noticed your car for sale sign in the building and I'm really interested in checking it out. It looks like it could be just what I'm looking for. Could we schedule a time for me to come take a closer look at it? Please give me a call back at your earliest convenience. My number is [Your Phone Number]. Thanks a lot, hope to hear from you soon!"

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Please note: Given example is meant to guide you in constructing the basic structure to achieve a good score; however, it's not recommended to strictly adhere to them.