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Tips for Respond to a Situation Task, PTE Core

Tips for Write Email Task in PTE Core

About Write Email Task in PTE Core

For this task, you're asked to compose an email of about 100 words in response to a given prompt. You'll have 9 minutes to complete the email, ensuring it's between 50 and 120 words. The word count is displayed, and you can use cut, copy, and paste functions.

Examination PTE Core Examination
Test Section Writing
Task Write Email
Time to Answer 9 minutes
Prompt Length Text up to 100 words
Skills Assessed Writing

Pro Tip:

Before writing, it's recommended to identify key points in the prompt, such as the recipient, purpose, and required details. Your email should address these points effectively to fulfill the task requirements.

For example:

Read a description of a situation. Then write an e-mail about the situation. You will have nine minutes. You should aim to write at least 100 words. Write using complete sentences.

Your manager, Julia, is thinking about letting everyone work from home two days a week instead of going to the office. Write an email to your manager explaining why you think this is a good idea. [100 words]

Your reasons must come from the following three themes:

  • Email
  • Transport
  • Family life

Include all three themes and provide supporting ideas.

Example response:

Subject: Support for Implementing Remote Work Policy

Dear Julia,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to express my support for the idea of allowing employees to work from home two days a week. I believe this shift would greatly benefit both the company and its employees.

Firstly, transitioning to remote work can enhance productivity and efficiency. Eliminating commute time allows us to dedicate more time to tasks, resulting in higher output. Additionally, a remote work setup promotes a healthier work-life balance, reducing stress and increasing job satisfaction.

Furthermore, enabling employees to work from home supports environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions associated with daily commuting.

Overall, implementing a remote work policy aligns with modern workplace trends and fosters a more flexible and accommodating work environment.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Please note: Given example is meant to guide you in constructing the basic structure to achieve a good score; however, it's not recommended to strictly adhere to them.

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