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Tips to avoid common mistakes in the PTE speaking section

Many wishes to join a university in a foreign but their fear of English speaking makes them hesitant to do that. Such students have to pass the PTE exam which measures the student's speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

The PTE exam stands for the "Pearson test of English" where candidates are tested who wish to study abroad which is an English-speaking country. Without proper PTE online coaching many candidates fail to achieve desirable scores in the PTE exam.

PTE exam is divided into sections viz Reading, Listening, Speaking, and writing. For most of the candidates, the speaking section is a bit difficult to perform. Though with enough PTE exam preparation you can surely crack the PTE speaking section.

Prominent common mistakes candidates make in PTE speaking section

  • Losing confidence while speaking: - remaining confident in the speaking section is necessary. You must speak loudly at a regular pace. Your voice should not tremble or be unclear. Maintain a normal tone which should be either too high or too low. Moreover, avoid pausing for more than 3 seconds while speaking.
  • Wrong position of mic: - most of the time the candidates do place the mic in the wrong position. As a result, the candidate's response is not recorded in a clear voice. Eventually leading to losing the scores as well.
  • Speaking too fast: - at times candidates do speak fast out of anxiety and nervousness. Or this could be the fact that you are too overconfident about yourself. Make note of the thing that the PTE exam doesn't examine your speed of speaking. Just speak in a normal speed tone that much clear and audible to the computer system. At a time when you speak too fast then the system might record something else which can end up losing marks.
  • Nonusage of Academic English: - at the time the candidates incorporate an informal tone in the speaking section of the PTE exam. They tend to use normal day-to-day words and sentences while speaking. This is the major fault that candidates do while speaking. The PTE exam requires candidates to speak academic English. You could attempt several free mock tests for excelling in the exam.
  • Speaking in continuity: - if the candidate is nervous and lacks confidence it shall surely reflect in your speaking. Eventually making a huge impact on the oral fluency of the candidate. Hence, don't take a long brake.
  • Uttering too many fillers while speaking: - if the candidate is unprepared about the structure of speaking then they might use too much of fillers while speaking. Mostly they are in form of "aah" or "umm" which exposes their anxiety and nervousness.

Ensure that you avoid using it frequently while speaking. Preparing in advance is necessary so that you could speak in the speaking section of the PTE exam.

Cracking the speaking section of the PTE exam is much fun now

You need regular practice for this section. There is multiple PTE practice software that prepares the candidates in advance. You could even join the online PTE coaching for securing more numbers in this section.

Post attending the PTE study online you could figure out your weaknesses and strengths much more easily. As a result, securing good marks in the PTE speaking section is not that difficult.