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Top 5 successful ways to enhance your score in PTE's writing

The PTE exam stands for the "Pearson test of English". Eventually, this exam is for students and aspirants who wish to study abroad in an English-speaking country. PTE test is all computer-based and is marked by a machine. For many aspirants, it's a dream to qualify for the PTE exam. Hence, PTE exam preparation can be tricky at times.

Many times aspirants do join PTE coaching classes for improving their skills. You need a minimum of scores between 65 and 75 for getting admission to top universities. Thus, polishing your literary skills is recommendable.

Below is the list of five prominent ways for enhancing the score in PTE's writing: - Attempting the free mock test regularly; - it gives a better perspective of the questions that may come in the exam. Mock tests are based on the assumption of questions that could appear in reality.

The mock tests enable the person to get familiar with the kind of syllabus, pattern, and difficulty level of the exam. Multiple online websites provide several PTE tutorials based on the difficulty level. You could also take the help of the PTE practice software.

Thus, regular practice of mock tests should be done for improvement. Make sure to attempt at least five to ten mock tests before going for the actual PTE exam.

  • Analysis of strengths and weakness: - take notice of the questions which you could not answer upon. This could help in the identification of your strengths and weaknesses. Following this, you could work on it accordingly for obtaining more marks. It helps the person to get a clear perspective for the future exam.
  • Enhancing the vocabulary: - The PTE exam is for examining the candidate's English language. Thus, it requires good strength and power in the English language. Hence, focusing on improving vocabulary is essential. Ensure reading the literature, blogs, and newspaper reading also yield better results. You also need to read the dictionary or thesaurus too on daily basis.
  • Following the study schedule: - The PTE exam is a quite challenging exam that needs a strict schedule. Academic experts do recommend planning for the PTE exam. It's recommendable to study for 4 weeks in advance.

Thus, making the comprehensive preparation and following it is necessary. Ensure to follow the schedule rigorously for securing a good score.

  • Usage of flashcards: - these cards are being used for testing and improvement of memory through the practice of information. It's a kind of visual and auditory learning. This makes the candidate learn the difficult things without any pressure.
  • Eventually, the flashcard works as a self-test for the candidate. This actively engages the students in the learning process by stimulating the memory of the candidate. Academic experts stress the usage of flashcards during exam preparation.
  • Taking notes: - this is one of the best learning techniques for remembering new formulas, words, and other important aspects related to the PTE exam. Regular browsing of the notes on daily basis can help you obtain higher numbers in the PTE exam.


PTE is a computer-based test, and the chances of human bias while scoring are almost negligible. To immigrate to a foreign country then qualifying for the PTE exam is necessary. The above tips are eventually helping in scoring high numbers in the PTE exam. You could take notice of the online PTE coaching too.