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Useful & Effective Tips and Strategy for PTE essay Writing

For many excelling in the PTE exam is still a dream for many due to their difficulty level. The PTE exam is one of the most preferred English language proficiency tests. Candidates who aspire to join colleges in English countries go for the PTE exam.

The PTE stands for Pearson Test for English which is a language-based test for applying in foreign countries. This exam tests the candidate's English speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It's a computer-based exam. Aspiring candidates do extensively indulge in PTE Exam preparation.

Eventually "essay writing" is one of the difficult parts of the PTE exam. Hence, enough practice is needed for excelling in this section. There is the availability of online PTE coaching for candidates for excelling in the PTE exam.

Prominent tips and strategy for PTE essay writing

  • Planning the structure: - initially read the essay carefully and be clear about what is essay is trying to convey. The candidate only gets only 20 minutes to write the essay hence planning structure-wise is important. Try to eliminate all sorts of irrelevant information from the essay. Incorporation of points is always advisable and use minimum linking words.
  • Refraining from complex writing style: - candidate shall score well when the essay is much more precise and involves logical sentences. But this doesn't mean you shall start writing short and simple sentences. All sentences should be grammatically correct even if they are long. Focusing on the knowledge of punctuation in the essay is also necessary.
  • Relying on PTE writing format: - the aptest format of the essay is that it should comprise two to three paragraphs. Though it could get long into four to five paragraphs too. The first paragraph should be about the introduction whilst the next two should be about the argument basis. At last, adding the conclusion is a must.
  • Regular reading: - The PTE exam is all about your knowledge of the English language. Hence, regular reading is always advisable. It does increase your vocabulary plus helps you understand different writing styles. The more you read the more you shall be able to excel in essay writing for the PTE exam. The chances of making errors get much reduced.
  • Usage of examples is necessary: - make sure to incorporate good and enough examples for making the essay look more relevant. It provides character to the essay. Academics advises on using data, statistics, and relevant news.
  • Add quotes or idioms: - when candidates add enough quotes and idioms where ever necessary then chances of scoring high numbers increase upon. Though he ensures that they should be grammatically correct and must comprehend the academic writing style. But include it only when it's necessary otherwise refrain from it.

Scoring in essay writing in the PTE exam is much easy now

There are multiple free mock tests available through which you could practice multiple essay writing. Hence, regular practice of the same is required. Academics advises candidates to take the help of PTE practice software for excelling in the PTE exam. By following the above points the candidate can surely excel in the PTE exam. Always make sure that you are precise in writing the whole essay and conveying the exact notion through your essay.