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PTE listening: strategies for answering highlight correct summary

The PTE Listening section evaluates your ability to comprehend spoken English and extract key information from audio recordings. One question type that tests your listening skills is Highlight Correct Summary. In this task, you will listen to a recording and select the summary that best captures the main idea or key points of the passage. This blog post aims to provide you with effective strategies and tips to approach Highlight Correct Summary questions in the PTE Listening section and maximize your score.

Focus on the Main Idea:

While listening to the audio recording, pay close attention to the main idea or central theme being discussed. Try to identify the key points, arguments, or examples that support the main idea. Understanding the main idea will help you choose the correct summary that accurately reflects the content of the passage.

Take Notes:

Take concise notes while listening to the recording. Jot down keywords, phrases, or relevant information that can help you remember the main points. These notes will serve as a reference when comparing the summary options and selecting the most appropriate one.

Be Selective:

Listen carefully to the summary options provided and eliminate those that do not align with the main idea or miss crucial points mentioned in the passage. Be selective in your approach and consider the accuracy, relevance, and completeness of each summary option before making your choice.

Pay Attention to Language Cues:

Language cues such as specific vocabulary, tone, or language patterns can guide you in identifying the correct summary. Look for keywords or phrases that reflect the tone or emphasis of the passage. These language cues can help you differentiate between summaries that are too general or do not accurately represent the content.

Consider the Structure:

Consider the structure of the summary options and compare them to the overall structure of the passage. Look for coherence and logical flow in the summary. The selected summary should present a concise and coherent representation of the main points discussed in the recording.

Use Process of Elimination:

If you are unsure about a particular summary option, use the process of elimination to narrow down your choices. Eliminate summaries that clearly contradict the content of the passage or do not encompass the key points. This technique can increase your chances of selecting the correct summary.

Practice Active Listening:

Develop your active listening skills by regularly practicing listening to a variety of English audio materials. Engage in activities that require you to summarize or paraphrase what you have heard. This will help improve your ability to capture key information and select the correct summary option in the PTE Listening section.


Effective strategies for answering Highlight Correct Summary questions in the PTE Listening section include focusing on the main idea, taking notes, being selective, paying attention to language cues, considering the structure, using the process of elimination, and practicing active listening. By employing these strategies and practicing regularly, you can enhance your listening comprehension skills and achieve a high score in the PTE Listening section. Remember to stay focused, listen attentively, and select the summary that best captures the main idea or key points of the passage.