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PTE listening: strategies for highlight correct summary

The Listening section of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) requires you to comprehend spoken English and select the most appropriate response based on the information provided. One task in this section is "Highlight Correct Summary," where you listen to a recording and choose the summary that best captures the main points. In this blog, we will discuss effective strategies to excel in the Highlight Correct Summary task in the PTE Listening section.

Understand the Task:

Before starting the task, familiarize yourself with the instructions. Know that you will listen to an audio recording, followed by a set of summaries. Your goal is to select the summary that best represents the main points of the recording. Pay attention to the context and key ideas discussed.

Focus on Keywords and Key Phrases:

While listening to the recording, identify keywords and key phrases that convey the main ideas. These can be specific nouns, verbs, or adjectives that capture the essence of the content. Train yourself to listen for important information rather than getting caught up in every detail.

Note the Tone and Intonation:

Observe the speaker's tone and intonation. Emphasized words or phrases often indicate the significance of the information. By recognizing the speaker's emphasis, you can identify the main points and their relative importance in the summary options.

Analyze the Options:

Read through the summary options before listening to the recording. This gives you an idea of what to expect and helps you focus on the relevant information. Take note of any keywords or phrases that appear in the options to guide your listening.

Predict the Summary:

Based on the keywords and phrases you've identified, try to predict the summary in your mind before listening to the options. This helps you create a mental framework to compare the options against, making it easier to select the most accurate summary.

Listen Attentively:

During the recording, listen attentively to grasp the main ideas and supporting details. Focus on the speaker's delivery, tone, and emphasis to gauge the significance of the information. Be prepared to take mental notes or make quick scribbles to aid your memory.

Eliminate Incorrect Options:

After listening to the recording, carefully review the summary options. Eliminate any options that clearly do not align with the main points or include incorrect information. Look for summaries that closely match the keywords and phrases you noted during the recording.

Consider the Context:

Consider the context of the recording and the logical progression of ideas. The summary you choose should accurately reflect the purpose and main points of the discussion. Eliminate options that seem out of place or do not align with the overall context.

Practice Active Listening:

Develop your active listening skills by regularly exposing yourself to a variety of audio materials, such as lectures, podcasts, or TED Talks. Practice summarizing the main points of what you hear to enhance your ability to quickly identify key information.

Time Management:

Manage your time effectively during the task. Each question in the PTE exam has a specified time limit, so ensure that you allocate sufficient time to listen, evaluate the options, and make a confident selection. Avoid spending too much time on a single question to ensure you complete all tasks within the given time.


The Highlight Correct Summary task in the PTE Listening section assesses your ability to identify the main points of an audio recording accurately. By understanding the task, focusing on keywords and key phrases, noting the tone and intonation, analyzing the options, listening attentively, eliminating incorrect options, considering the context, practicing active listening, and managing your time, you can enhance your performance in this task. Practice regularly with a variety of listening materials to sharpen your skills and approach the task with confidence in the PTE exam.