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Tips to avoid common mistake PTE describe Image

One of the prominent sections of the PTE exam is describing the image and explaining the same. Technically this section is known as the interpretation of the visual in detail format. The candidate might get visuals of certain graphs or charts.

Eventually, the candidate has to explain the details of maps or graphs or any such image appearing on the screen. Your response shall be configured in form of parameters by the software. This section has to be attempted most creatively.

Candidates need to practice smartly for gaining maximum numbers. Do install the PTE practice software for getting more clarity. There are multiple online PTE coaching available for aspiring students.

Below are the prominent mistakes that commonly happen in PTE describe the Image

  • Solely concentrating on the content: - most of the time the candidates focus on content rather than pronunciation or fluency. This could make the candidate lose his/her marks. The most important thing is to speak the task thereby focusing on pronunciation and fluency.
  • Explaining everything in detail:- the image appearing on the screen represents a lot of information but you need to just go for an overview only. Just go for describing the highlights of the image. At times candidates go detailing the intricate things of the image. This could make them lose their marks. Eventually, explain the highlights of the image in a structured format.
  • Speaking for less time: - the candidates are required to speak for more time hence speaking for less time is not advisable. Make note of the point that pronunciation and fluency matter more than content. Just make an explanation regarding the content image.
  • No organized manner in explanting the image: - many times candidates possess the required knowledge for the exam. But not properly organizing the same becomes the major default. The candidate must explain the image in the sequence of viz "Introduction- main body- conclusion.
  • No preparation for different types of images: - not practicing enough for different types of images makes it hard for a candidate to excel in the exam. You could be examined on basis of bar charts, line charts, pie charts, tables, maps, and different pictures. Even many times the images are combined for increasing the difficulty level. Thus, preparing in advance is highly advisable.
  • Not completing time in a given time frame: - completing the whole exam in the given time frame is immensely important. Make sure to describe the image in 40 seconds for better results. This could only happen when the candidate attempts several free mock tests for the same.
  • Not giving much importance to describing the image: - this section of describing the image carries heavy markings and most important. Make sure to go for PTE study online for excelling well in this section. Focus on studying and practicing the bar chart, pie chart, flow chart, table, map, line chart, and other random images.

No more fear in attempting the describing the image section

Many candidates score less in this section which requires describing the image. This may happen due to various reasons. The PTE exam preparation must be done in the most strategical manner. Plus, knowledge of the PTE tools becomes more necessary.